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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Primary time in Fort Wayne

May 8th will probably pass by as a normal day for most of the people in Fort Wayne. This is a shame. May 8th is Primary Day. In Fort Wayne there are candidates to chose from in most of the races, but the most important race is for Mayor.

In all likelihood, this primary will determine the next Mayor of Fort Wayne. I cannot speak for the candidates on the Democrats side, frankly I am not interested in their politics or their policies and I will not be voting for them. On the Republican side however, the race is between two candidates as different as day and night.

The two candidates are Matt Kelty and Nelson Peters. Matt is a businessman, Nelson is a politician. Matt has a vision for Fort Wayne, Nelson has other peoples vision for Fort Wayne. Matt is an independent thinker, Nelson is a cog in the current machine.

I say it is time to get rid of the machine. Let's get an independent free thinking person in the Mayors office. I believe that Matt Kelty is that person. When he is elected the Mayors office may be able to actually do some good for Fort Wayne.

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