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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sprint rip off SOP!

Sprint did me in! I listened to the Sprint salesman and believed what he said, Barnum would have been proud. I was shopping for an internet aircard for my new laptop. Sprint said they had a sale, a free card, UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH, $60 a month.

Now, I don't consider myself stupid. I asked the salesman at the store is the internet usage unlimited, he said yes. I asked again, "I can use this as much as I want with no overage or other charges", he said yes. My bill arrived, WOW, STUNNED, BREATHLESS, $250 in overage charges! Turns out the plan I signed up for was only for 5GB not unlimited.

I went ballistic at the store. Ripped the manager a new asshole and found out that this is SOP (standard operating procedure) and happens all the time. They continue to do because most people don't fight, they just follow. Not me, not anymore, not in these times when every nickle counts. I got a partial credit (about half), but it's not enough. I am planning my attack now, BBB, Internet, Letter wriying.

I'll keep you posted.

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