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Saturday, February 28, 2009

End of the month

We have reached the end of another month. This one was more interesting then most because I became another year older. Next month will also be a good month because my bright, beautiful, and generous baby sister has her birthday.

Birthdays, anniversaries, deaths, births, graduations, are all way points that effectively breakup our normal day to day patterns of living. In the movie "Last Holiday", we hear a great soliloquy on how we end up in our normal rut. The funny thing is that each New Years Eve, we resolve to break out of that rut, but most of us never do. Why is that? I think it is fear of change. Personally I don't handle change well at all. Major changes scare the dickens out of me! What do you feel is holding you back? Let me know, let's compare and contrast.

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Bob G. said...

It's not that I "fear" change, but I sure as hell hate "change for change sake"...!
Better to have change with PURPOSE and REASON.

"If something ain't broke, don't go and fix it!"
(as Dad used to say)

My age (56) holds me back in certain things...like I'm not as "spry" as I was at say...25...or even 40! ANd the arthritis is a bugger to live with.

Lack of funds holds me back in other things, but when I realize that I don't really NEED those things (but still WANT them), it gets my "humility quotient" back to where it belongs.
And I've always been a bit on the "thrifty" side.

Bet'cha if I made different decisions at certain crossroads in my life, things might have turned out better.
But then again, they could always have been WORSE.

Anymore, I take each day as it arrives.

Glad to see you posting again.