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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All about earthquakes - somewhat graphic

I don’t know how many of you have lived through an earthquake, but I had one right here in my home this weekend! My 15 year old, raging hormone, bright, beautiful, normally smart, teenage granddaughter has discovered the “glorious” world of sex!

It’s not so much that it happened that bothered me, it’s that she is taking a class in school on child development, and spent several weeks on the subject of STDs. In spite of the graphic knowledge of the dangers she got “caught up” in the moment and was unprotected. The worst part was she did not tell her folks. When one of her brothers got in trouble, he did a CYA maneuver and ratted her out. Let’s just say it was a major shit storm! Fortunately for her she was at my new place helping me move in when it struck, and emotions had some time to cool.

I learned several things. 1) I can’t stand to see my granddaughter cry. 2) Looking back at my life, all of the stuff we did, and when we started doing it, pales in comparison to kids today. 3) Even armed with knowledge teenagers can be flat out stupid.

I thought being a grandpa would be an easy, fun thing. Ignorance truly is bliss. Standing between raging mom and dad on one side, and rebellious teenager on the other, is not fun and very hard work. Advise welcome.

Where we ever like that, nahhh! (lol - quietly).

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