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Friday, February 23, 2007

Mother nature, the ultimate jokester!

The cosmic joke continues! Today, beautiful day. Bright sun, no wind, temp 18 degrees in NE Indiana at 8:00 AM. What is going on this year? Yesterday, no sun huge wind (gusts to 40 mph), wind chill in the teens, but temp in the 30 's.

I'm so confused! Now the weather forecasters (oxymoron) are calling for a winter weather alert with snow, ice, and rain starting Saturday during the day into Sunday. If you ask me this sounds like a CYA (cover your ass) forecast. To paraphrase: If you predict it, it will come! :lol:

The amazing part of this, is that I know that in August when it is 90 plus with 1,000,000,000 percent humidity (after all this is Indiana) I will be longing for winter. How bizarre is that. I guess that why human nature is such a fascinating study.

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