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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

No Suprise from City Council Harrison Sq. vote

No surprise, City Council rubber-stamped the Harrison Square development giveaway after holding the required meeting to get public comment. These are the councilmen who voted for the project, Tom Didier, R-3rd; Tom Hayhurst, D-4th; Tim Pape, D-5th; Glynn Hines, D-6th; Sam Talarico, R-at large; and John Crawford, R-at large.

These councilmen decided to not listen to most of their constituents and instead allowed themselves to be struck deaf by the jingle of gold coins. If they are running in a primary in your district, I say the time has come for a change. We need to show politicians that their constituents matter, not the special interests.

If you think that this deal is not about money and special interests then you need a reality check. I say follow the money and you will see exactly where the support for this project lies. The developers, the Real Estate brokers, the building contractors, the politicians, these are the people who will benefit from this project, not the ordinary citizens of Fort Wayne who will not be able to afford the shops, restaurants or condos if they are actually ever built!

Now, reading this you might think that I am against Downtown development. Nothing could be further from the truth. If Hardball wants to build a stadium for a “Single A” baseball team with their money that’s great. If builders and hotel chains want to build downtown then we should do everything we can to make it easier for them to do so. But not with my tax money!

My tax money needs to go to fixing potholes, painting lines on the streets, neighborhood code enforcement, police, fire, and any number of improvements that are needed to enhance the quality of life for Fort Wayne citizens!

Mayor Richards was looking for a legacy and he got it, too bad that he did not have the gumption to stay around to see if it will succeed or fail.

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B.G. (Semper Paratus) said...

Man, if I didn't know better, I'd have sworn I wrote this post...well, I did write something like it the other week.

I'm also a "transplant" from the RIGHT coast (Philly), and I think we have too damn much in common about HERE (Indiana)...LOL!

Your blog is now on my "link" iist...

And a hearty "YO, where's my Ring Dings"?