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Friday, April 27, 2007

The light of my life has gone out

For my beloved;
You are gone, that is all I know, that is all I see, that is all I feel. I have reached depths of despair I did not know existed, and I have found boundless love in friends and family to help me survive.
People who knew you only through me have written odes in your honor that make me proud to be alive.
Life is a Very Precious Thing
by tvFANatic20

This poem (although terribly written) is in honor of a friend, and a loss he recently suffered

Life is joyful,
and life is fun,
when you start as a child, fresh and young
Then you get sightly older, and then suddenly,
you find yourself,
with the weight of the world,
the cries
the problems
the wishes
the dreams
of the world on your shoulders
Soon you meet someone, who you can open your heart to,
and share a name, a family, and a beating heart
Then crisis rears its ugly head,
and your love can build a brick wall to block it out,
until eventually,
it crumbles,
and your spirit will live in memoriam.
The essence of my wife, was in her love for people. She was a CNA at both Lutheran Homes and Kingston Care in Fort Wayne. She loved the job, and her patients loved her. To her it was more then a job, it was a calling. I know that she was driven to recover by her desire to get back to work.

My wife, Janet, was a deeply spiritual person in many ways. She loved studying the Bible. She loved to search for meaning and strength in its passages. I know that she is now happy, peaceful, and pain free in the biggest Bible study of all.

I miss you my love. I will see you again.

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