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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Peters uses outside of state vendors!

How telling is it that the largest campaign expense for the Peters campaign went to an advertising firm located outside of not only Fort Wayne, but Indiana! There are obviously advertising firms in Indiana and in Fort Wayne, Matt Kelty was able to find one.

If Mr. Peters will not do business in Indiana and Fort Wayne during a campaign to be its Mayor, how can we be sure he would do business with Indiana and Fort Wayne firms if he was elected.

This is just another reason to vote for Matt Kelty on May 8th. But let’s summerize for those just starting to follow the campaigns.
• Mr. Peters is backed by the current leadership and is just a cog in the machine. Matt Kelty is not a career politician, he is a businessman, a family man, and not part of the elite republican cabal currently running the show.
• Mr. Peters up until this week was an ardent supporter of Harrison Square, now he is suddenly (I don’t think so) calling for a referendum. Matt Kelty has spoken out against the Harrison Square boondoggle since its inception.
• Mr. Peters laid out his Bold Plan for the Future of Fort Wayne in a slick booklet called Fort Wayne First. It was full of wonderful ideas, but there was no talk on how these ideas would be translated into action. He talks about increasing lots of programs and adding new programs. He never talks about the funding for these programs. Matt Kelty on his website lays out not only the issues but his action plans to deal with the issues.

It all boils down to Mr Peters is all sizzle and no steak, where as Matt Kelty is lots of steak with a good bit of sizzle!


Anonymous said...


You sound more like a "cog" in the machine than any of the politicians running for office. You are supporting a candidate who is deceitful and a lier, and broke the law on several counts- 14 counts I think- most of the felony, and you are calling other people cogs? What a joke.

tiredoldguy said...

I am always amused by comments entered by writers who do not believe enough in their comments to leave a name but prefer to hide behind the anonymous designation!

What a stupid comment. First the primary is over. Second, do you understand the Grand Jury process? Obviously not! Matt Kelty is not guilty of anything, not a liar (get a spell checker), not deceitful, and on top of that you missed the entire point of the article!

Anonymous said...

you have to be kidding me- do you seriously think a made up name like "tiredoldguy" is any better than not leaving a name at all. You might as well tell me that your name is "blank" You obviously don't want to use your real name, and neither do I. At least I am obvious about it, and don't try to make up a fake name to hide behind like you. And Kelty is completely guilty- you would have to be one really tired old guy to not see that. He is completely deceitful- AND, he doesn't have any plans that he has shared. He talks poorly about other peoples plans and ideas, but doesn't have the skills to rebut with any better ideas.

If you ever talk to him in person, ask him about the money he illegally gave to the charter school from his champagne funds. Then ask him about his butt buddy that runs the charter school. He will squirm his way away from you as fast as possible, like the little scaly reptile he is.